Bristly Sea-heath

Also known as the Clustered Sea-heath, Frankenia serpyllifolia grows about 30cm in heavy clays and gibber plains, seen here flowering in October near Copley in the northern Flinders Ranges.

Flinders Ranges from the air

Druid Range, south east of Wilpena Pound
Elder Range and Red Range, south west of Wilpena Pound
Wilpena Pound from the south
Ediowie Gorge, west side of Wilpena Pound
Heyson Range (left) and parallel ABC Range running north-south on the north side of Wilpena Pound
North east side of Wilpena Pound
Rawnsley Bluff, east side of Wilpena Pound

Ediacaran Golden Spike

The base of the Ediacaran Period is defined by a Global Stratotype Section and Point (GSSP) marked by the Golden Spike in the Trezona Formation in Brachina Gorge. The lower glacial formation attributed to Snowball Earth is overlaid by the Nuccaleena Formation – a carbonate formed in shallow warm waters – displaying a distinct shift in climate that gave rise to Ediacaran biota, preserved in the fossil record of the Flinders Ranges.