Acacia Victoriae

Acacia victoriae is prolific in the Flinders Ranges. Also known as the Elegant Acacia, the seeds are harvested to make flour and the gum is also eaten. 

Desert Quandong

Santalum acuminatum, also known as the Desert Quandong or Wild Peach, is a nutritious bush tucker. Fruit ripens with warm  northerly winds between August and October. Quandong fruit is very high in vitamin C and can be harvested when fresh or dried. Nuts contain rich edible kernals with antibacterial properties.

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Marsdenia australis

Also known as the bush banana or native pear, this climber produces palatable fruit early in the season. Here is a near developed seed pod (70mm), too fibrous to eat. On maturity it would naturally split open and release fluffy plumes of airborne seeds.