Mistletoe Bird

The tiny male Mistletoe Bird has a distinct high pitched call and scarlet breast plumage similar in colour to the mistletoe flower. Seen here feasting on mistletoe fruits in June in the Northern Flinders Ranges, he will then excrete the sticky seeds onto branches of nearby native plants, enabling the semi parasitic mistletoe to germinate and embed into the branches of host plants.

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Filamentous Green Algae

Threadlike filamentous green algae growing in the shallows of Copley Retention Dam. These soft strands consist of a chain of cells, giving a thread-like appearance. Oxygen production as a by-product of underwater photosynthesis creates buoyancy, causing the strands to incline toward the surface.

Filamentous green algae from Copley Retention Dam. Magnification 20x.
Oxygen bubbles generated by filamentous green algae.
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