There are several species of Triodia (locally referred to as Spinifex) in the Flinders Ranges. They are commonly seen on rocky slopes. As Spinifex ages and expands, the older central parts of the plant die off leaving a crescent shape which provides a shelter for kangaroos.

Lemon Scented Grass

Lemon Scented Grass, Cymbopogon ambiguus, has a sweet, aromatic lemon aroma and is palatable as a tea. Found throughout the Flinders Ranges in shales, rocky creeks and gullies. 

Marsdenia australis

Also known as the bush banana or native pear, this climber produces palatable fruit early in the season. Here is a near developed seed pod (70mm), too fibrous to eat. On maturity it would naturally split open and release fluffy plumes of airborne seeds.