Native Spinach

Tetragonia, an edible groundcover also known as Warragul Greens and New Zealand Spinach seen commonly throughout the Flinders Ranges during the cooler months.

Native Plum

Santalum lanceolatum is known variously as Sandalwood, Native Plum, Bush Plum, Plumbush. As with the related Quandong, it is semi-parasitic in that it will connect its roots to other trees. Seen commonly in the Flinders Ranges in clay and sandy plains and watercourses.

The dark fruit is a bland but palatable bush food, similar looking to the inedible fruit of Eremophila longifolia. Species feeding on the berries include the Singing Honeyeater.

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Nitraria billardierei, commonly known as Nitrebush, is a spreading perennial seen here in the saline clays around Copley. The sour, salty fruit is a bush food, eaten raw or made into jams and sauces.

Marsdenia australis

Also known as the bush banana or native pear, this climber produces palatable fruit early in the season. Here is a near developed seed pod (70mm), too fibrous to eat. On maturity it would naturally split open and release fluffy plumes of airborne seeds.