Desert Tree Frog

Desert Tree Frogs call for a mate in floodwater pools in Parachilna Gorge following summer rains.

The Desert Tree Frog (Litoria sp. nov. formerly identified as Litoria rubella) is found in the Northern Flinders Ranges. It lives in the vicinity of rock pools and springs, inhabiting damp vegetation and rock crevices, taking the opportunity to mate after heavy rains. Because of the ephemeral nature of floodwaters in arid lands, the larval stages of the Desert Tree Frog may be as brief as 14 days.

Pink Dolomite: the Nuccaleena Formation

The Nuccaleena Formation is a narrow pink dolomite layer that is frequently found in outcrops across the Flinders Ranges, and is described as being a good ‘geological marker horizon’.

This Nuccaleena Formation outcrop, just 5m wide, is seen in Parachilna Gorge, between the Brachina Formation siltstones and the older calcereous Elatina and Trezona Formations.

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