Copley Quartzite

A view of the Copley Quartzite formation that contains Aroona Dam, and in the distance the Brachina siltstone formation of the Bayley Range.

View from Copley Lookout

Gammon Ranges

The distinctive peaks of Arkaroola as seen from the north of the Gammon Ranges.

North of the quartzite pound are precambrian formations of shale and limestone of the Tapley Hill and Aberoona formations.

Finke Spring

Groundwater coming up through rock layers as springs are essential to life in the Flinders Ranges.

Mosses, grasses, reeds and algae commonly seen around springs in the Flinders Ranges

Pink Dolomite: the Nuccaleena Formation

The Nuccaleena Formation is a narrow pink dolomite layer that is frequently found in outcrops across the Flinders Ranges, and is described as being a good ‘geological marker horizon’.

This Nuccaleena Formation outcrop, just 5m wide, is seen in Parachilna Gorge, between the Brachina Formation siltstones and the older calcereous Elatina and Trezona Formations.

Read more about the formation of the Flinders Ranges in The Legacy of Time.

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