Caper White Butterfly feeding on Cattlebush

Caper White Butterfly (Belenois java) feeding on Cattlebush, Stubbs Waterhole, Arkaroola in mid winter. Caper White Butterflies are a migratory species breeding inland on caper bushes (various species of the genus Capparis such as the Iga) and Australian Sandalwood. In some years, the adults disperse towards the coast as far south as Tasmania despite their food source being largely confined to semi arid locations such as the Flinders Ranges. More information on the Caper White Butterfly here.

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Astronomy at Arkaroola

Arkaroola offers an extraordinary astronomy experience with a remotely controlled observatory stacking high definition images within seconds. Doug Sprigg is at the helm of the SkyX Pro console of a breathtaking live tour of the southern sky, including views of galaxies, planetary nebulae, globular clusters and our nearby gas giants.

More on Arkaroola’s three observatories on the Arkaroola website.

Balcanoona Wattle

The highly localised and somewhat ethereal Balcanoona Wattle is not easy to spot in the bush but fortunately can be viewed in a garden plantation at Arkaroola Village.

Wooltana Volcanics: Arkaroola

Volcanics are not a common sight in the Flinders Ranges but an example of Wooltana Volcanics is visible on the Paralana Hot Springs Road at Arkaroola. The role of volcanic activity in the formation of the Flinders Ranges is outlined in the essay Legacy of Time by the Royal Geographical Society of South Australia.