Birds of Farina

Farina is located between Lyndhurst and Marree in the Great Artesian Basin. Thanks to Farina Station for providing this extensive list of sighted birds. The beautiful campground at Farina Station is the perfect base for bird watching and at certain times of the year you can even get a feed from the historic underground woodfired bakery while you are there.

Emu, bustard, brolga, wedge-tailed eagle, little eagle, black-breasted kite, whistling kite, black kite, black-shouldered kite, letter wing kite, brown falcon, Nankeen kestrel, brown goshawk, Australian raven, little crow, boobook owl, tawny frogmouth, owlet nightjar, Australian magpie, magpie lark, galah, little corella, budgerigar, cockatiel, red-rumped parrot, Australian ringneck, mulga parrot, scarlet-breasted parrot, blue bonnet, crested pigeon, diamond dove, feral pigeon, peaceful dove, masked plover, Richard’s pipit, Australian pratincole, Australian dotterel, black fronted dotterel, cinnamon quailthrush, welcome swallow, white backed swallow, tree martin, fairy martin, black faced woodswallow, masked woodswallow, dusky woodswallow, white-breasted woodswallow, house sparrow, willie wagtail, variegated fairy-wren, white-winged fairy-wren, splendid fairy-wren, fieldwren, red-capped robin, hooded robin, rufous whistler, white winged triller, grey fantail, chirruping wedgebill, white browed babbler, restless flycatcher, satin flycatcher, brown songlark, rufous songlark, yellow rumped thornbill, southern whiteface, chestnut breasted whiteface, crimson chat, orange chat, red browed pardalote, striated pardalote, zebra finch, mistletoe bird, white-plumed honeyeater, singing honeyeater, spiny-cheeked honeyeater, black honeyeater, pied honeyeater, yellow throated miner, pallid cuckoo, rufous-tailed bronze cuckoo, black-faced cuckoo-shrike, rainbow bee-eater, red-backed kingfisher, black-tailed native hen, Nankeen night heron, white-faced heron, Pacific (white-necked) heron, large egret, white ibis, silver gull, gull-billed tern, red-necked avocet, Australian pelican, black swan, great black cormorant, little black cormorant, hoary headed grebe, Australasian little grebe, grey teal, Pacific black duck, pink-eared duck, white-eared duck, wood duck.